Lock-ed in

Movement control order has had its fair share of happy days.

Birthday in pyjamas.

Rayna finally exercises.She has found love in running .

Stay overs and midnight snacking.


She probably inherited some part of my dyslexia.( made from the popcorn that didn’t pop)


Hip expanders.


Caloric weekends

Goggles ( and giggles ) in the bathtub


Social distancing.

Waking up at noon.


As the hair slowly encroaches the whole face


There have been many little joys in this cooped up times .One day , we’ll reflect and skip a little skip knowing corona is behind us.Till then…

p/s: I have made a conscious effort to omit photos of  my declining funds, my irritation with home schooling ,   piling laundry and failed cooking attempts . May I never have any recollection of it , ever.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Eris says:

    Stay safe and keep the spirits up! 🙂


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